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Hi!  Welcome to our website!  We’re Kim and Justin! We are sailing the world with our kids, Tyler (Age 13), daughter Evie (Age 6), and our cat Cherry.


We are high school sweethearts and have always been pretty adventurous together, so we’re used to hearing, “You’re doing WHAT?! You’re crazy!!” From spending a summer camping around Europe with a toddler, to moving across the country without knowing where we’d live, to cycling over 200 miles in a day, and running a marathon…


Sailing the world is our current big adventure! Follow along!

Today was actually a pretty tough day. The kids were driving us insane (maybe we blame Easter candy... which was really hard to find in Mexico btw.)

We went on a cruise through the jungle on our dinghy, which was amazing, but the kids were complaining they were hot and miserable the whole time.

On our way back, some people on jet skis from a super yacht anchored near us told us we were dragging anchor. (First time for that for us!) So we rushed out as fast as we could, stressed as can be, re-anchored and thanked fellow cruisers for helping out.

Next we made Easter dinner, sweating with our oven on, the kids continuing to argue with each other.

At our wits end, we all decided to sit outside as the sun was going down and enjoy a cool breeze, and we were greeted by dolphins and a beautiful sunset. It almost made the tough day worth it.

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2 days ago

Life off the deep end

Tiny snippet of our jungle cruise today in our dinghy in Tenacatita. We saw actual real crocodiles today! (Not shoes this time!) More photos later! ...

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We spent a couple hours exploring the little coves, arches, caves, and blowholes in Paraiso from our dinghy yesterday. We entered this breathtaking little spot and pelicans starting flying everywhere. In a deep voice, Tyler says, “Welcome to Jurassic Park!” ...Aaaand I STILL have the theme song stuck in my head.
#dinghyexploration #pelicans #jurassicpark #seacove #familyadventure #travelingfamily

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5 days ago

Life off the deep end

All of our guide books say to watch out for crocodiles in Perula. 😂 ...

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