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Welcome to our new and improved website!!

I have had two websites for years now:  Seeing from the Sea, and Life off the deep end.  That meant two separate blogs, numerous social media accounts, YouTube channels, online course, a Podcast, and more.  It has been a lot of extra work to keep my family adventures and my witchy, healing business separate.  All of a sudden it occurred to me… “WHY am I doing this?!” 

My experiences sailing the world with my family only adds to my colorful resume, and those personal experiences have drawn many new clients my way.  It makes so much more sense for me, my family, and especially my clients to have one website and one cohesive experience.  My business and my personal life… they’re all ME, and my family and I are here to help you discover YOU in a brand new way.

I have spent over a decade literally working between life and death as an Intuitive Medium and Holistic Therapist.  I have a unique understanding of how short life truly is.  

Having no regrets has always been a huge theme in my sessions.

In 2018 my husband and I sold our home and almost everything we owned in Seattle to live aboard our sailboat “Litha” with our two young kids (and our cat).  We spent two years sailing over 8,000 nautical miles from California to New England, visiting 8 Central American countries along the way.  We homeschooled the kids and spent 24/7 together doing exactly what we wanted to do in life.

Maybe sailing off into the sunset isn’t your goal, but you just know that you aren’t meant to live a “normal” life.

Are you a witch in the broom closet like I was, and you need help learning to trust your intuition and explore your own magick? 

Are you worried what people will think of you if you truly lived life unconventionally?

You’re in the right place to embrace crazy and live life off the deep end!  I am here to help you strengthen your intuition and chart your way through the storms of life… Whether you are looking for which way or your “witch way”.

Love, light, and sea,



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“The reading that I received from Kim was spot on, and very enlightening. It helped point me in the right direction in some areas in my life that I wasn’t sure about lately, and also just was fun to do. I found that she really focused in on everything I was telling her, and gave me great advice from both what the cards said, and from her experience in life as well. I felt comfortable, and safe talking with Kim.”

Tammy T.

Seattle, WA

“I was not one for too much spiritual “stuff”, but I was curious and friends encouraged me to be open minded so I scheduled a session with Kim.  I understand each experience is unique, but I felt especially moved. I’m not sure if it was because I was so skeptical beforehand? Apparently I’m a pretty closed off person, but the information that she did receive was spot on. It was a real eye opener to my inner self. She doesn’t tell you what to do, or how you should feel; she tells you what she feels/perceives from you and how that could relate or apply to your everyday life. She made me feel more receptive to my own intuitions and emotions. I encourage anyone to see Kim, even my fellow skeptics.”

Trina L.

Yakima, WA


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