Spirits of Salem

Spirits of Salem

9/9/22- We have been hosting an “After Hours Ghost Hunt” at Gallows Hill Theatre for the past year.  I keep saying that I’m going to start a blog post with all of our paranormal investigative findings.  I present the history of the building but I purposefully don’t tell people too much about the spirits that linger there when they come to our event.  I want them to discover their own evidence.  I wait until the end of the evening to tell them what names have come up for us over and over as tourists become our trained ghost hunters. I’m amazed that the same names come up each night with different guests.  So, today is the day to start a quick blog post… A Ghost Captain’s Log if you will.  I will update this as we discover more but the names we get most often are Paul and John.  We also get the number 19 coming up, which is the number of people hanged during the witch trials.  That’s all for now.  More later!

9/10/22- We heard a female voice but couldn’t make out the words. We heard footsteps and when they stopped, the K11 meter went crazy for a bit.  One of our attendees took a picture of what looks like a man in robe standing in the corner.

9/18/22- The K2 meter went to red 3x in a row when I asked it, and then I said “stop” and it did.  Someone said that the name Robert came to their mind.

9/23/22- A medium got the name Robert.

9/30/22- First sold out ghost hunt of the season.  Two different groups got the names Joe and Mike.  A photo was taken of what looks like a thick streak of light very similar to what tourists on my walking tours get in front of the Pickman house.

10/1/22- Robert again by two different groups.  Also the name Joe from two different groups.  A photo was taken of a shadow person, the other two photos showed nothing.