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Hi!  My name is Kimberly Bizjak (Kim is fine) and I’m really terrible at my elevator speech and talking about how cool I am.  I’m also not very good at labeling myself.  I’ve tried out the title of “Holistic Therapist and Intuitive Medium” for years and I’m still not sure if that accurately describes me and what I do.  I don’t fit in a nice package with a neat bow.  My life has never been very conventional, and it’s taken me a long time to realize that it is completely ok (and amazing!!) to be different!  I love sharing my personal experiences, teaching my clients how to tap into their own intuition, and helping you embrace crazy and live the life you’re meant to live.

If you really want to know everything about me, read my personal journey in my book Ghost Stories & Hippie Sh*tBut here in this “About Me” section of my website, I’ll at least sum up and say that I am a Hippy/Sea Witch/Healer/Pagan and I love being connected with nature.  I live by the moon cycles and I literally go where the wind and sea take me. My hobbies include writing, photography, world travel, and sailing with my kids and husband.  I am a Pisces/ Cancer Rising/ Gemini Moon and my North Node is in Leo.  (If you have no idea what that means, I am soooo excited to teach you how astrology can help you on your own path!) 

Lastly, if you don’t already know, I live on a sailboat with my family.  We sold our home in Seattle and almost everything we owned in 2018 to buy our home afloat, “Litha”. We spent two years sailing from California to New England…. We visited 8 countries (Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama) and crossed the Panama Canal!  Our plans changed a bit due to COVID and we are currently living aboard in Salem Massachusetts so my son can attend high school.  We plan to cross the Atlantic Ocean and continue our adventure when he graduates in a few years, but it’s so great to be back in Salem!

If you’re “feeling stuck” at all in life, I would love to help you take the fear out of the unknown, embrace change, and believe in the impossible.  I look forward to seeing you from the sea when when you book a Celestial Navigation reading!  And I invite you to become part of our tribe and Join Our Crew!

Professional Credentials:

Master of Arts in Education

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sound Design

Reiki Master Teacher (Usui Holy Fire)

Certified Tuning Fork Therapist (Sound Healing)

Licensed Massage Therapist

Licensed Salem Massachusetts Tour Guide


Fun fact:  I founded a tour company in Salem, MA called Paranormal Salem after being trained by TAPS Academy in Warwick, RI (SciFi’s Ghost Hunters.)  I used to teach the public about the paranormal using ghost hunting equipment on the streets of Salem.  Now I use my own intuition to connect with the other side.  (Although EMF detectors are still pretty fun.)  Here are a few articles written about me and my company (Blast from the past!):

About Us

My Crew



Captain, Mechanic, Handyman, Podcast Co-Host


Justin and I are high school sweethearts (Is that too much of an old-fashioned term these days?) and have always been pretty adventurous together, so we’re used to hearing, “You’re doing WHAT?! You’re crazy!!” From spending a summer camping around Europe with a toddler, to moving across the country without knowing where we’d live, to cycling over 200 miles in a day, and running a marathon….

Sailing the world together with our kids seemed like the natural progression of our marriage!

Justin is my Podcast Co-Host, and he helps our clients with anything mechanical and technical in our Litha Coaching membership.  He has the ability to diagnose and repair anything and everything… physically (while I have the ability to diagnose and repair things on a metaphysical level!)



Gamer, Blogger, Astrologer, Aspiring Astronomer


Tyler is 15 years old and is a huge NASA enthusiast.  He loves all things related to science, engineering, and physics.  He loves to read and write and contributes to the blog on our site.  

He is my “Astro Twin” which means we have the same Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign-all in the same houses!  Many of our planets are also in the same place in our charts as well!  It’s really rare!  (Again, I would love to teach you more if I’ve completely lost you!) Tyler has taken numerous Astrology classes with me, and offers his own emailed Celestial Navigation Readings.  His fresh, youthful perspective and knowledge of astronomy makes him a really amazing Astrologer.  

Evelynn (Evie)

Evelynn (Evie)

Junior Witch, Mermaid, Unicorn, Crazy Monkey


Evie is my little witch born here in Salem Massachusetts.  She is 8 years old and loves to paint, color, draw, and craft.  She loves all things pink and sparkly but also loves to get dirty and help out her dad on projects. You might spot her in a mermaid costume blowing her conch shell to passing boats in Salem Harbor.  



Boat Cat, Bird Killer, Tuna Lover, Witch's Familiar


We adopted Cherry from the animal shelter in Salem in 2009.  She’s 12 years old and she’s one of the most well-traveled, chill, best family cats around!  Cars, planes, RV’s and sailboats… She’s done them all and she’s livin’ the life!  

Our Home Afloat


SV (Sailing Vessel) Litha is a 1988 Irwin 54 Ketch.  She has 4 cabins and 3 heads (aka: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms) We purchased her in San Diego, CA in August 2018 and we spent 5 months in San Diego fixing her up and getting ready for world travel before we began heading south on our sailing adventure.  She has safely carried us through 9 countries and over 8,000 nautical miles so far.

“Litha” is the Pagan/Celtic celebration of the Summer Solstice.  (So, the opposite of Yule.)  The lightest, brightest day of the year, and an endless summer of adventure for me, my family, and now you!

A little more about our story from an article I wrote for Kids4Sail in 2019

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