Guidance, support, adventure, and a whole lot of magic… right in your pocket!


Join The Litha Crew, for ‘crazy unique life coaching’ and hang out with us in our online community from anywhere in the world!

Litha Crew is for you if...


✔️ You are feeling lost and stuck.  You’re looking for direction, some hand-holding, and you wish you knew people who understood.

✔️ You want to live life differently but you don’t know what you’re being called to do or how to do it.

✔️ You want to bust through societal norms/the box/the hustle to live life the way you want to, but that all sounds a little scary.

✔️ You want to strengthen your intuition and learn a bunch of “woo”. 

Two Membership Options...

Litha Crew

When you join Litha Crew, you’ll get unique lifestyle inspiration, a community of adventurous free spirits, and…
  •  Access to my self-guided online course “Sea of Colors” to clear energetic blocks through the Chakras.  Tap into your intuition so you won’t be second-guessing your decisions and worrying about whether you’re taking the next right step forward.


  • New Moon and Full Moon Tarotscopes (An astrological & intuitive bi-weekly forecast) so that you know what’s coming up in the stars and can plan your day-to-day life around these energies.  Like, “OMG! What’s going on? Should I even leave my house today!?”


  • Two Live Virtual Moon Ceremonies per month. Learn to live within the natural cycles of the Earth. Moon cycles aren’t just for witches you know. Being in tune with the flow of nature brings us peace of mind, better focus, and less stress.


  • Weekly Live Oracle Card Reading for a little extra “woo woo” guidance.

  • Members only blog, ”Lessons from Litha” expressing our valuable experiences, challenges, deep thoughts, breaking points, and triumphs. You know those ‘ah ha’ moments in life that can completely change your trajectory and make you think differently?  These lessons on our journey can help you on yours. 


  • Recipes from our family to yours (Some culturally inspired from our travels, others from home in the US), because who doesn’t love a little extra help in the kitchen?


Litha Crew + Litha Coaching

 This full membership program gives you everything the basic Litha Crew membership includes, and much, much more!


  • Membership includes ALL Benefits listed in basic Litha Crew Membership PLUS….


  • The “Sea of Colors” chakra course becomes GUIDED.  If you know you’re one of those people who won’t put in the work unless someone pushes you, you better choose this option.  We’ll work on one chakra per month TOGETHER in the group for extra accountability.

  • Access to my Woo-Woo 101 Group for monthly metaphysical virtual workshops. Tarot, Astrology, Mediumship, Sound Healing, and more.  This is for those who are feeling called to explore all the hippie sh*t with me.  (If you haven’t read my book, check it out.)


  • Access to “Litha Coaching” group for “crazy unique life coaching”.  Take our quiz if you’d like to learn more before sign up.


  • Private life coaching with Kim: One 1:1 Zoom call per month (or you may choose In-Person if you’re local to Salem, MA), customized worksheets, and personal emails and texts. AND you’ll have your own personal pocket Astrologer!  Want to know what’s going on in the stars for you personally?  I’ll look at your chart and let you know!


  • 10% off all readings and sessions with Kim


  • Access to “Sailing Away” group with technical guidance from Justin. (For those of you thinking about buying a sailboat and sailing away like we did.) To be honest, Justin doesn’t pop into our community as often as he should, but if someone needs mechanical advice (I mean, he’ll give you car or home repair hacks in there too if you need them!) he’ll jump in asap.
What's Litha?

The name of our home afloat

The Celtic/Pagan celebration of the Summer Solstice

Our online community of adventurous free spirits

Transformation Life Coaching

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes!  Try it out for a month. If you find it isn’t for you, we’ll be sad to see you go, but you’re free to leave.  You can even set yourself a reminder in your calendar to cancel so you aren’t charged for month 2.  (That’s what I do when I want to try something out.)  There’s no refunds if you forget to cancel though. 😉

Can I change to the higher membership?

Yes!  You can switch to the higher or lower tier when you like.  You’d just cancel your membership and re-join at the other level.  So, for example, if you feel like you need lots of extra guidance when you first join and would like to only do a month (or a few) of the higher coaching tier, and then switch to the basic later, feel free to do that!

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