Ocean Retreats

Coming Soon!


Spend a weekend with us aboard Litha!

Retreats are coming soon!  Sail with us to beautiful local islands while learning and enjoying new healing modalities.  

The weekend will include 2 nights accommodation, healthy delicious meals and drinks, and the following experiences:


🌊 Relax and renew with guided meditations, sound healing, and Reiki. 

🌊 Learn basic Tarot & Astrology in easy-to-understand workshops.

🌊 Spend time on the beach, grounding in the sand.

🌊 Join a bonfire circle to share, heal, set new intentions, and let go of what no longer serves you.

🌊 Learn sea magick: the metaphysical meanings of different shells, tales of ocean goddesses, and maritime history and folklore.

🌊 There will also be hiking, swimming, fun, laughs, rest, connection, and of course, sailing.


Licensed Captain Justin will be at the helm, and Sea Witch Kim will be your guide.


Stay tuned for dates and pricing!