2023 Astrology Flash Reading


$23 2023 New Years Special

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$23 2023 Astrology Flash Reading!

This is a short reading to give you a little insight into what’s coming up for you in the stars in 2023!

Note:  I’ve been asked by a few people who missed the special to make this reading “in stock” again.  If you order now (after 1/18), the reading will be by email only and will take about a week to receive as I’m a bit backed up.

*Edit: As of 1/18, this reading is available by email only.*  You choose whether you’d like to see me by zoom, in person at my space in Salem, or if you’d like me to type up your reading and send by email! Use the notes section to let me know which you’d prefer at checkout! (If you don’t specify, I will email it to you.)  

And please provide your birth information (Date, Place, and Time) in the space provided at checkout. I need all 3 in order to pull up your birth chart.