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Astrological Shadow Work Reading By Email- Choose Basic PDF or Deep Dive Ebook

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This is for those looking for a deep astrological reading like no other. This one is for you witches!! Through shadow integration, we find the meaning and purpose of your wounds and how to heal your ancestral karma. If you don’t know what this means, you might not be ready… Yet!  Feel free to contact me for more information!


Basic PDF–  A 2 page emailed reading focusing on Chiron, Pluto, and the 12th House. These energies show what we came here to try to heal, in ourselves and in others.


Deep Dive Ebook for a much more advanced reading as a colorful, downloadable keepsake Ebook.  This reading dives much deeper by including anything else that jumps out at me about your chart when it comes to shadow work and ancestral karma.  This could include lunar and solar eclipses, astroids and fixed stars, aspect patterns, progressions, rulerships, current transits, and more.  I’ll also let you know about timing, and what’s coming up for you in the future (usually a few months out).  ALSO, if you know the birth info of other family members, I can look to see what’s the same in all of the charts to add to your understanding of what is being passed down through the family line.

Please provide your Birthdate, Time, and Place in the designated space on the Checkout Page.  (And also your family member(s) if choosing the Deep Dive Ebook reading) I need all 3 in order to read your chart. You may use the “Order Notes” section on the check-out page for any specific question you have, or other information you’d like me to know.

Allow 3-4 business days for Basic PDF reading, and 5-7 business days for Deep Dive Ebook.

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Basic PDF, Deep Dive Ebook