Spirit Spa Session

My most popular session, in person!



$133/90 minutes (plus .50 per mile travel from 01970)  This is my signature spirit touch experience. A transformational, intuitive healing and reading meant to help guide you on your soul’s journey, while leaving you feeling relaxed, renewed, and balanced.  Your unique experience may include reiki energy, sound vibration, gentle touch of acupressure points, essential oils; and metaphysical tools such as stones, crystals, sage, palo santo, sea salt, and a pendulum. The session flows like water, touching upon chakra points from head to toe. You breathe and journey in a meditative and grounded state. While I am performing your healing, I am open to receiving spirit messages for you that I will jot down during your session to discuss after. The hands-on portion lasts for about an hour.  I’ll then invite you to sit with me for the remainder of your session to pull Tarot cards and discuss what came up for you, and tips to help you move forward. My intention is that you leave feeling uplifted, light, and touched by spirit.

You will be charged $133 when purchasing, and .50 per mile of travel from 01970 (Salem, MA) can be paid by cash or venmo after your service.