School of Fish

Courses and Workshops

(I’m a Pisces but you don’t need to be a fish to take my courses and workshops! -Kim)

Sea of Colors: Intuitive Development and Clearing Energetic Blocks Through the Chakras

Sea of Colors is an all-inclusive healing chakra therapy course designed to help you move forward in life when you’re feeling “stuck” and out of balance.  In 7 months, you will have learned the hands-on healing skills you need for intuitive development, and amazing metaphysical tools for personal change.

  • Tap into your own intuition
  • Learn where your energetic “blocks” are and how to clear and balance them
  • Let go of what no longer serves you
  • Connect with your higher self, loved ones on the other side, and your spiritual team
  • Follow your true path in life

What the heck is a chakra?!

You’ve heard of life force energy, even if you don’t realize it.  Around the world it is known as reiki, chi, prana, vibes, our aura, …and more. The chakras are our 7 main energy centers associated with certain areas of the body, mind, and spirit.  Each chakra has its own color and type of energy.

This course focuses on providing a deep understanding of each chakra by balancing and healing one chakra per month.  Each module includes using mantras, video lessons, hands-on printable activities, journal prompts, meditations, and gluten-free/vegan recipes in chakra color.

Month 1: Root Chakra~ Lessons include grounding, cutting cords, body positivity, and creating a new, healthy relationship with money.

Month 2: Sacral Chakra~ Lessons include exploring emotions, recognizing your “gut feelings”, intuitive exercises, and renewing your creativity.

Month 3: Solar Plexus Chakra~ Lessons include owning your gifts, conquering fears, reflections in self confidence, and life force energy.

Month 4: Heart Chakra~ Lessons include energetic and spiritual protection, empath tools, reversing your insecurities, and self love.

Month 5: Throat Chakra~ Lessons include speaking your truth, art journaling, sound healing, and automatic writing.

Month 6: Third Eye Chakra~ Lessons include clairvoyance, tarot, divination, signs from spirit, manifestation, and visioning.

Month 7: Crown Chakra~ Lessons include astrology, moon cycles, wheel of the year, exploring your karmic purpose, and dream journaling.

This course is included when you Join Our Crew and become part of our Litha Coaching Community.

Salem private and group tours/classes

I have been a licensed tour guide in Salem Massachusetts for close to a decade.  If you’d like to book a private tour or workshop with me, I’m knowledgable in a variety of topics:
The History of Witchcraft: From the Burning Times- to the Salem Witch Trials of 1692- to Modern Day Paganism
Paranormal Investigation (Ghost Hunting), and my own personal ghost stories in haunted Salem.
Metaphysics, Maritime History, and more.  
Contact me and we’ll chat!

Full Moon Sound Bath


***Check back for date of next sound bath!

A sound bath is a meditative, transformative healing session for submerging yourself in sound vibrations like waves of water. These sound waves will leave you feeling clear and cleansed, especially as you soak up the energy and light of the full moon.  My crystal singing bowls are specifically tuned to the chakra system and are wonderful for clearing energetic blocks and helping you move forward on your path in life.  I also use tuning forks, a small brass singing bowl, and sometimes a drum as well.


Woo Woo 101: Tarot!

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Want to learn how to read Tarot intuitively?
Stop reading the book and/or memorizing cards!
Join me for a month-long course in Tarot beginning April 1st (hop on any time in April and catch up!) with live zoom meetings, pre-recorded videos, posts, discussions, practice times, and more in my online community!
I’ll be answering the following questions in this month’s “Woo-Woo 101”:
📚 Where did these cards even come from?!
⭐️ Is there a correlation between Tarot and Astrology?
🔮 What’s the difference between Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards?
✨ How do I choose a deck?
🗡 What do the different suits represent?
🧙 What’s a spread?
💀 Is the Death card scary?
🙃 What happens when a Tarot card is upside down?
😱 What does it mean when one jumps out of your deck?
This is all included when you join The Litha Crew!  Joining our community starts at only $37 a month!

Tuning Fork Therapy for Sound Healing Certificate Class at Quantum Health and Wellness

March 19, 2022 10am-2pm
Become certified in Tuning Fork Therapy for Sound Healing!
Students will be introduced to the science of sound and how to use tuning forks to create wellbeing and balance in the mind, body, and soul.
This course is very focused on using these frequencies to heal through energy centers known as chakras.
We’ll spend time exploring the physical and emotional ailments that are associated with each energy center, and then learn to use hands-on healing, vibrational medicine, toning, meditation and other methods and techniques for sound healing.