Celestial Navigation

Astrology. Intuition. Healing.

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ce·les·tial nav·i·ga·tion

/səˈlesCHəl,səˈlesˌdēəl ˌnavəˈɡāSHən/



Celestial Navigation and Astrology both use celestial bodies for guidance. Think of Astrology as a way to chart your way through the ocean of life.  Through ups and downs (and many storms) it’s your soul’s map in the sky to tell you which way (or if you’re anything like me, your “witch way”) to go.
The ocean connects us all with energy that spans the earth. Our bodies are made of salt water and we can feel the rhythm of the tides, seasons, and cycles of the moon. My emailed Astrology readings will help you understand the psychological and emotional cycles that these rhythms create for you.
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Start Here!

Astrological Natal Chart Reading

Do you know your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign? Do you know which houses your major planets are in? Have no idea what any of that means?  This is where you start!  Understand your Karmic Life Purpose and answer the questions, “Who am I? and “Why am I here?” Click below to learn more and to purchase your reading.

Already had a Natal Chart Reading by me and want to dive deeper? Click HERE.


Astrological Love Reading

Wondering which signs you are most compatible with?  Well, Astrology is a little more complicated than that.  I would love to give you insight about how you give and receive love!  Knowing this information about yourself will help you when searching for a partner.  If you already have a partner, this reading would provide insight in strengthening your relationship.  Click below to learn more and to purchase your reading.

Money and Work

Astrological Career Reading

Do you need help figuring out which type of career your soul would be most happy? This reading will give you clarity about your relationship with money, daily responsibilities, your public image, and how you view your work in this world.  This is perfect for those looking for change, just starting out in the workforce, or beginning fresh after a pause.  Click below to learn more and to purchase your reading.

Witchy Astrology!

Astrological Shadow Work Reading

This is for those looking for a deep astrological reading like no other. This one is for you witches!! Through shadow integration, we find the meaning and purpose of your wounds and how to heal your ancestral karma. (New-Age buzz words, I know! If you don’t know what this means, you might not be ready… yet!)  Click below for more info and to purchase your reading.

Astrology & Tarot

Astrological Tarot Reading

This is one of my very favorite readings because it combines the science of Astrology and the art of Tarot.  You must purchase a Natal Chart Reading with me before purchasing this reading.  This is perfect as a reoccurring check-in to provide intuitive guidance for your current transits (real-time planets moving across your natal planets. I’ll explain, I promise.) And I draw one Tarot card for each of your twelve houses.  Click below to learn more and to purchase your reading.

Teenage Perspective

Astrology By Tyler

Tyler is my teenage son.  He is my “Astro Twin” which means we have the same Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign-all in the same houses!  Tyler has taken numerous Astrology classes with me, and choosing an emailed reading by him is like receiving a reading from my younger self.  His fresh, youthful perspective (and love for Astronomy and Mythology) makes him an amazing Astrologer.  So, try a Natal Chart Reading with Tyler! Click below to learn more and to purchase your reading.



The Science of Astrology and the Art of Tarot have been intertwined for centuries.
I’ve been reading and teaching the Tarot for over a decade.  My emailed readings offer intuitive personal navigation. If you’d like to learn more about my process with the cards, check out my book, Ghost Stories & Hippie Sh*t.


Sea Sessions

Want to see me for a zoom reading?  (I’ve been using zoom to see clients aboard my boat for years… way before it was cool!) Sea Sessions are transformational, intuitive experiences meant to help guide you on your soul’s journey.


Are you at a crossroads in life and you aren’t sure which way you should navigate?

Are you feeling lost and would benefit from a nudge in the right direction?

Are you ready for a big change?


  • Tap into your own intuition
  • Learn where your energetic “blocks” are and how to clear and balance them
  • Let go of what no longer serves you
  • Connect with your higher self, loved ones on the other side, and your spiritual team
  • Follow your true path in life


Frequently Asked

What is holistic therapy?
Holistic Therapy is a term used for healing each person as a whole, in many aspects of health – physical, emotional, social, and spiritual.  I guide my clients toward self-awareness, starting with the Chakras, and help coach them on their own journey through self-discovery and healing. My job is to treat the core issue and not just symptoms.  For example, your chronic back pain may be caused by an energy blockage in your root chakra. Or you might be experiencing stiffness in your right hand because the Universe is telling you to finish writing that book you started.  Perhaps you are feeling anxious because your soul’s purpose is to sell everything you own and sail away! (Well, it happened to me! It could happen to you too!)  Stress can also contribute to chronic pain, and if an emotional issue or past trauma is the source of that stress, working that out could be the cure you’ve been looking for.  In my sessions, you will learn what is holding you back in life, and how to move forward.  Mind, Body, and Spirit.
How Does Mediumship Work?
Mediumship is channeling energy through to the physical plane, bringing messages and healing from the other side.  This could be healing energy (Reiki) or spirit energy (Loved ones, guides, and spiritual team).

I am clairvoyant (“clear seeing”) and see signs, symbols, people, and objects during sessions.  I am clairaudient (“clear hearing”) which means I’ll “hear” a word, name, or even song lyrics.  And I am also claircognizant (“clear knowing”) which is when I “just know” something deep down.

I spent several years teaching the public about the paranormal using ghost hunting equipment in Salem, Massachusetts, and now use my own intuition to connect with the other side. My current passion is teaching my clients how to tap into their own intuition.


Yes!  Join the Litha Crew for tips on how to read Tarot cards, to learn mediumship techniques to connect with your loved ones on the other side, to live by the moon’s cycles, and more!

What to Expect

Each Sea Session is a unique blend of Holistic Therapy and Intuitive Mediumship, created to align your energy and guide you forward.
I pull all of my metaphysical tools out of my sea witch treasure chest (and throw my Masters Degree in Education in my cauldron as well) to create a completely unique experience designed intuitively FOR YOU.

Book a 30, 60, or 90 Minute session in the comfort of your home that fits your schedule!

Includes a combination of some or all of the following:  Reiki Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Meditation, Shamanic Journeying, Sound Healing, Tarot, Mediumship, Ritual, and Astrology.

60 Minutes

Splash Session
  • Jump in and break the water! Schedule a Splash Session! This second tier session is 60 minutes and typically includes a combination of Distance Reiki, Chakra Balancing with Guided Meditation, Sound Healing and Tarot.  Click below to learn more and book!

90 Minutes

Deep Dive Session
  • Ready to go all in and dive deep into your soul with this third tier extensive session?  The Deep Dive Session is a 90 minute transformational, intuitive healing and reading. The ultimate guide for you on your soul’s journey. It typically includes a combination of Shamanic Journeying, Mediumship, Tarot, Sound Healing, Reiki, Astrology, & Ritual. Click below to learn more and book!

“I have never had chakra work done before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Kim’s calming voice, and knowledge of Reiki, chakras, sound meditation, and Tarot reading made the entire session very special & magical.  I felt very connected with my reading by her.  It was overwhelming, in a good way, because my life’s path will hopefully be changing in the immediate future and Kim was able to confirm it without having any knowledge of my current aspirations.”

Marianna S.

Renton, WA

“I received a healing session from Kim and I LOVED IT. I was pretty keyed up, and at the end was feeling totally relaxed and really grounded. I learned that there was a relationship between my blocked chakra points, and the things that she pointed out to me actually came up in other areas of my life, like confirmation that what she noticed was indeed happening. I would definitely recommend her to anyone! She is great!”

Erin N

Tacoma, WA